Big Ideas Conference

In March 2022, our Club became 5 years old from the moment of its foundation and 2 years since we began to speak publicly about ourselves. Over these 5 years, we have held more than 40 large conferences all day long, many online meetings and even more small face-to-face mini-events, where we got acquainted, communicated and got a lot of pleasure from intellectual discussions.

We want to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Club in a cool and vivid way. Therefore, we invite you to plunge into the intellectual and friendly warm atmosphere of discussions, smart reports and discussions for 3 days. You will find valuable networking with people who understand the importance of quality and sensible discussion. We will become part of a unique conference with five different topics of the Club. You will get to know the Club, its members and the atmosphere. Relax and switch from your daily routine to a breath of fresh air, dream a little, have fun and gaze at the stars with us!


Our anniversary conference dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Club starts at 16:00 on Friday, March 18, 2022. It ends at 13:00 on Sunday, March 20. Inside, 2 overnights in the country complex “Platinum” ( near Kyiv.

On Friday (03/18/2022) we are waiting for the grand opening of the conference, getting to know each other and the performance of invited VIP speakers. Among these speeches will be the topic “What to do with people in a technological singularity”. Well, on Friday evening – a buffet table, continuation of getting to know each other and communication.

On Saturday (03/19/2022) we meet at the only stream of the conference, as we want to listen to all the topics presented. After all, they are gorgeous! Each topic takes a different length of time, because they will also have a different format. Somewhere it will be reports on one topic coming one after another from several speakers. On another topic – a round table with a lively discussion. Another topic is brainstorming and work with the hall, which will be divided into groups. So on Saturday we will go through several formats that are popular in our Club and hear 3 topics:

  • Paradoxes of justice. How not to be mistaken when choosing retribution
  • Boundaries of tolerance
  • Conscious self-identification

We will finish the Saturday evening with a free program, rest, communication and discussions on any topics of interest to the participants in free participation.

Our conference ends on Sunday (03/20/2022). This morning we are waiting for the final fifth theme: “Transformation of society“. It is like a diamond in the necklace of all three days of performances. We specially saved it for a snack. And upon completion – the final word, summing up and rewarding the participants. Yes, yes, the participants are you.

We offer you a choice of three ticket options. Each of them includes a different level and scope of service. Of course, if you want to get the most out of the conference, then this is a “Premium” ticket. Inside it is a participant certificate, a buffet table, gifts, coffee breaks for all days of the conference. If you do not need a buffet on Friday, choose “Standard”. And if you are ready to do without coffee breaks, a certificate, a buffet table and gifts, then the “Basic” ticket will suit you.

Note: the conference price does NOT include accommodation and lunches, as we have left the choice of room level and the specifics of meals at your discretion. Or maybe you won’t spend the night in this complex at all and are ready to leave in the evening, skip the evening networking and discussions, so that you can come in the morning. So, it also can be possible.


Early ticket price (only about $45 for each conference day):

  1. Premium = 4.990 uah >> participation in three days of the conference, buffet table, certificate, gifts from the Club, coffee breaks
  1. Standard = 4.390 uah >> participation in three days of the conference, a certificate, gifts from the Club, coffee breaks
  1. Basic = 3.690 uah >> participation in three days of the conference

Note: Please note that from February 1, 2022, ticket prices will increase by 1000 uah


You can book your seat only by purchasing a conference ticket.

Join us! We are waiting for you!