To take part in a closed conference on a specific topic, you just need to register. Usually registration takes place in a simple google-form for the conference you are interested in. The schedule of the Club’s meetings can be easily found on our Events page or on the Facebook-page.

Also you can find out more on how our closed conferences are organized.

Become a member of the Club

  1. Submit a request to join thorough messaging any Club’s member
  2. Have an interview with a curator
  3. Using the invitation from the curator, take part in two closed conferences of the Club as a guest of the Club
  4. Apply for joining the Club. The application must be approved by two curators of the Club
  5. Pay membership fee and become a member of Benjamin Franklin’s Club

The membership fee is equivalent to 400 USD per year (see “Loyalty Program” below).

You can attend the first two meetings as a “Guest of the Club” without paying a membership fee beforehand. 

Loyalty program

  1. Discount 50% if membership fee is paid during two weeks after the second conference as a “Guest of the Club”. 
  2. Discount 50% upon renewal of yearly membership if having attended at least six off-line closed conferences during a year. 

What Club members get

  1. The right to take part in closed conferences of the Club at any location
  2. The ability to gain a rating of a Club member with access to VIP-events
  3. Mentoring support for new members of the club with the curators of the Club (3 personal mentoring sessions)
  4. Free participation in training webinars on group communications
  5. 50% discount on all training programs of the Club